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Obecnie 304 forumowiczów jest online
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Can some help me regarding polish adword but in english? :)

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Can someone please help me out regarding some Polsish language barriers we currently encounter.

Our customer id is XXX 878 7081 and the website is


Our operations are based in Holland which makes it very difficult to call with a Polish Google employee.


Perhaps it is easier to reach me on 0031 646 44 29 54


I am looking forward to the phone conversation.


Thanks in advance,

Alex Dekker

Dot.: Can some help me regarding polish adword but in english? :)

Magister ✭

Hello Max,

thanks for posting on the official AdWords Community. Please be aware, that this Forum was designed for Polish speaking customers and not everyone will be in a position to answer in other languages. Another important fact is that responses comes from other experienced AdWords users (not Google employees)  who have no access to your account.


As for Polish phone support, do not hesitate to call this number +48 800 702 380. Google employees should all be able to assist you in English. You can also try to reach them out via chat or e-mail. To see PL contact options on your account you need to switch the language preferences to Polish.

Hope this helps!
Kind regards,